EarthHour — What can Blockchain do?

EarthHour — What can Blockchain do?

On March 31, 2007, Sydney in Australia, for the first time that night about more than 2.2 million homes and businesses turn off the lights and appliances for one hour. Now the campaign has been identified as one of the world’s largest action on climate change, to become a global and sustainable development, now has ushered in the thirteenth year.

Nowadays people pay more attention on the earth environmental protection. More and more countries join in the environmental protection action.

In December 2015, the Paris Climate Change Conference worked out the Paris agreement, which laid out the arrangements for global action to combat climate change.

With high motivation to contribute, in December 2018 DALICHAIN joined the call-for-action with blockchain technology by establishing cooperative relationships with a number of environmental protection organization, which aiming to promote the global carbon emission. The unique token economy of blockchain can well encourage individuals to participate in emission reduction, improve the convenience for enterprises to purchase carbon, and avoid carbon asset “double sale” issue. In terms of infrastructure, DALICHAIN optimized the consensus mechanism at the beginning of the forming stage and innovatively proposed GPOW(Green Proof of Work). Through the mechanism of computing power limitation, GPOW avoided the centralization of computing power issue. And real-name digital certificate mechanism further help DALICHAIN become a unique green consensus mechanism.

The change of environment is closely related to our life and will affect our daily life. If everyone stays out of it, the consequences will be unimaginable. We believe that with the continuous maturity of blockchain technology, it will definitely play an important role in the environment protection in future.

We invite you to “Go Green” with us. Feel free leave your advice or comment here and you have a chance to get our DALI coin.