Moving on Globalization — DALICHAIN in Canada

Moving on Globalization — DALICHAIN in Canada

DALICHAIN Meetup in Vancouver, Canada. After the industry application seminar in early March, Michael(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) met with several local blockchain companies and industry experts, including media, academics, investment institutions and technology companies.

After discussions, DALICHAIN’s solutions were recognized. The companies & experts expressed willingness to further cooperate with DALICHAIN and help DALICHAIN commercial layout. We will jointly explore the blockchain wonderland.

Summary as follows:

Michael(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) & Prof. Weinberg

Prof. Weinberg is used to be the mayor of Anmore and the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Department Director at Simon Fraser University(1st in Canadian Studies in 2019). He is highly recognized in the global neuroscience field. He has long been concerned with AI. He recognizes that blockchain is an fantastic development to AI and it can avoid monopolistic AI. Michael highly agrees with Prof. Weinberg’s research concept and blockchain study. And Michael showed Prof. Weinberg DALICHAIN’s multiple blockchain solutions.

Prof. Weinberg showed great interest and recognized DALICHAIN’s professionalism. He said that blockchain can be applied to a wide variety of industries, and companies around the world are now making various attempts, which is a signal that blockchain will be under a high-speed development.

Prof. Weinberg was willing to recommend DALICHAIN’s solutions to more experts in the related fields. He would help to call for more professionals to explore this new technology’s applications.

Kipling is a Canadian blockchain media and it has also invested in some projects. Amar(the head of Kipling), analyzed blockchain industry’s current situation from the media perspective.

He said that most blockchain projects are too focused on external image branding. In fact, there are very few teams that are really down-to-earth, and over-branding is not sustainable for the projects’ development. Now the whole industry tends to be rational, and there must be a capable team to stand out.

Michael thanked Kipling for its professional media attitude and stated that DALICHAIN has been focusing on blockchain technologies and commercial solutions. DALICHAIN is committed to providing the best commercial blockchain services. Moderate and true publicity is the value that DALICHAIN has always upheld.

Questflex is a Canadian startup company focusing on mobile applications, blockchain application, quantitative computing and cloud computing.

Alamusi(Questflex CEO) said that their current team is very experienced in blockchain application development and they have developed several DAPP on Ethereum and EOS. He also stated that they will try on more high-quality public chain in the future. After knowing about DALICHAIN, Questflex is looking forward to the future cooperation with DALICHAIN in the application layer.

Michael introduced that DALICHAIN mainly develops applications for enterprise at present, while applications for consumer are in the early stages. There will be more attempts when there are opportunities in the certain industry. He also revealed that DALICHAIN is preparing a brand new DAPP platform. After the platform is launched, DALICHAIN will invite global technology development communities and individual developers to jointly develop the blockchain application ecosystem.

7Gate Ventures is a Canadian technology investment organization focusing IT talent training and project investment in different fields such as blockchain, financial technology, health data, SaaS platform, cloud service, mobile application, big data analysis & solution and etc.

Mahroo(7Gate Ventures Project Director) said that, the number of blockchain projects in Canada are generally on the rise. Although the trend has declined in the past month, many companies and individuals are still willing to get involved. It is good for the whole industry.

Michael shared DALICHAIN’s global strategic layout and insights in blockchain empowering industries. He also said that DALICHAIN is willing to cooperate with various technology companies to develop more commercial applications. Only the diversified commercial applications can ensure the blockchain industry’s positive developments.

In 2019, DALICHAIN will move on globalization.

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