DALICHAIN Reached A Strategic Cooperation with BW — To Jointly Provide the Digital Currency Life Services

On May 30, DALICHAIN(a Singapore Public Chain Project) and BW.com Asia Operation Center formally reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will cooperate in developing digital currency application scenarios, public chain technologies, and community management services to create a new digital currency life service entrance. Livio(DALICHAIN Founder), Davis(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) and Pony Chan(BW.com CEO) attended the signing ceremony.

Livio is very optimistic about the digital currency applications in the consumer market and said that, DALICHAIN has implemented solutions in various fields such as copyright, energy, logistics, carbon emission and supply chain finance since its establishment in 2017. DALICHAIN has explored massive new business models and striven to provide the best commercial blockchain services to global partners and customers. In the past, DALICHAIN focused more on business services. The cooperation with BW.com marks that DALICHAIN is well prepared to serve common people, and more life-consuming applications will be released.


Davis( also DALICHAIN CTO) added that blockchain industry has entered the stage of multiple-blockchain coexistence ecosystem. The essence of future digital currency life service is the extension of cross-chain technologies. And thus, DALICHAIN has begun to develop cross-chain technologies since early 2018 and connect with mainstream public chains such as BTC and ETH. In addition, security is always an important part. In the past two years, DALICHAIN’s security architecture has been continuously upgraded and reinforced. We will continue to put security first in the future, so that we can provide the reliable products.

BW.com is one of the top 10 in CoinMarketCap and the world’s first digital derivatives trading platform based on mining pool. It has established operation centers in over 20 countries and regions, and serves more than 2 million cryptocurrency enthusiasts with its 4 core business sectors. It is committed to building the best derivatives trading platform.


Pony showed that it is the first time for BW.com to cooperate with a public chain in the field of digital currency life. It is a milestone. He hopes that the partnership will provide more life services for the digital currency enthusiasts. And he also looks forward to exploring more blockchain business applications with DALICHAIN.

The services will be first provided to BW.com and DALICHAIN community users and various benefits will be available. For more information, please pay attention to DALICHAIN’s official news.


DALICHAIN Vancouver Meetup Moving on Globalization

DALICHAIN is an international blockchain team founded in June, 2017, by a group of nearly 80 blockchain believers from top IT companies such as Intel, IBM, and Baidu. DALICHAIN launched its main network in 2018 based on its own development team and combined it with the dual-Token economy system. DALICHAIN can provide flexible and diverse solutions based on its leading technology development and seasoned business transformation capability. DALICHAIN has implemented partnerships in logistics, digital copyright, supply chain finance, carbon emission reduction, public welfare and other fields.

On March 2nd, 2019 (PST), DALICHAIN successfully held a blockchain industry application seminar in Vancouver, Canada. Michael(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) and Anthony(Canada Community Partner) attended it as the keynote speakers. Many industry experts and blockchain peers have been invited to participate, and they discussed the latest blockchain applications.

Michael showed attendees DALICHAIN’s latest technical achievements, such as Inter-chain Gateway, One-Click Token Issuance and etc. He also presented DALICHAIN’s latest developments in supply chain finance, and said “After two years of development, DALICHAIN’s technology roadmap is completed and applications are developed in many fields. Among them, we have made the most progress in supply chain finance. DALICHAIN can provide a overall solution to solve the financing problem of SMEs.”

Anthony talked about blockchain applications in digital copyright. He said: “At present, great attention are attached to digital copyright issues in the North American market. Blockchain can digitize copyright, realize copyright ownership division, and transfer ownership without third-party mediation. It is impossible before blockchain emerges.”

In the final session, attendees from various fields actively participated in the discussion. Most of them believe that the blockchain can improve internal production efficiency and reduce intermediate links. The most common topic is privacy and government information management.

Davis, an executive from a corporate consulting firm, thinks that the trend of blockchain globalization is becoming more and more obvious, and massive companies will pay attention to blockchain.

Asem, a logistics industry expert, believes that blockchain is also crucial in the field of intelligent logistics. It can improve the data validity of sensing devices and prevent data from being tampered with during the uploading process.

Joy from SFU said that blockchain has broad application prospects in government information management, especially at the data security level. It can effectively protect data privacy. At present, some countries in Europe have begun to study blockchain, and the current Canadian government also attaches great importance to it, which has stimulated many blockchain startups.

In the lively discussion, Michael and Anthony listened carefully to everyone’s speech, responded and forecast to it.

Anthony: “Indeed, more and more industries are paying attention to blockchain. In addition to digital copyright, I have also been exposed to companies from all walks of life in Canada. They attach more and more attention to blockchain. Even the blockchain business unit has been set up to study business transformation. This has brought a lot of business opportunities in a sense, so DALICHAIN uses its own industry advantages to explore blockchain application scenarios with these companies.”

Michael: For the intelligent logistics field, the sensing device’s data validity is indeed very important. For example, we have already discussed with several leading Korean logistics companies. They hope to improve the efficiency of car-free business. After several discussions, we found that blockchain is a viable solution. It is a bit like a supply chain financial solution. We will have more news soon. Please wait and see!”

For the blockchain security issues that everyone cares about, Michael added: “DALICHAIN always put safety above all. After two years of infrastructure development, we designed dozens of security-focused features. It is the basis for future data privacy protection. Users can take the data in their own hands and use it to encrypt the license to a third party instead of storing the data in a company. Facebook had a serious user information disclosure incident, and even hackers tried to use user data to influence the presidential election. It is very scary. For the positive development of science and technology, we must first solve the problem of user privacy. DALICHAIN is currently working with some blockchain security companies to do research and development in this area. We also welcome more people to join us. It is a mission of science and technology workers.”

DALICHAIN was highly recognized after this seminar, and some enterprise representatives were willing to cooperate or provide support with DALICHAIN on the spot. The seminar lasted nearly 3 hours and ended in a successful conclusion.

According to the 2019 annual plan, DALICHAIN will further expand major cities in Korea, North America and Australia, and cooperate with local companies. DALICHAIN will fully utilize its own technology development and implement partnerships in supply chain finance, carbon emission reduction, medical data, logistics and etc. Blockchain is an important revolution in the information age. We believe that in blockchain owns trillion-level market and it is far more than what it is at present. With the development of technologies, it will have a profound impact on our lives.

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Moving on Globalization — DALICHAIN in Canada

DALICHAIN Meetup in Vancouver, Canada. After the industry application seminar in early March, Michael(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) met with several local blockchain companies and industry experts, including media, academics, investment institutions and technology companies.

After discussions, DALICHAIN’s solutions were recognized. The companies & experts expressed willingness to further cooperate with DALICHAIN and help DALICHAIN commercial layout. We will jointly explore the blockchain wonderland.

Summary as follows:

Michael(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) & Prof. Weinberg

Prof. Weinberg is used to be the mayor of Anmore and the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Department Director at Simon Fraser University(1st in Canadian Studies in 2019). He is highly recognized in the global neuroscience field. He has long been concerned with AI. He recognizes that blockchain is an fantastic development to AI and it can avoid monopolistic AI. Michael highly agrees with Prof. Weinberg’s research concept and blockchain study. And Michael showed Prof. Weinberg DALICHAIN’s multiple blockchain solutions.

Prof. Weinberg showed great interest and recognized DALICHAIN’s professionalism. He said that blockchain can be applied to a wide variety of industries, and companies around the world are now making various attempts, which is a signal that blockchain will be under a high-speed development.

Prof. Weinberg was willing to recommend DALICHAIN’s solutions to more experts in the related fields. He would help to call for more professionals to explore this new technology’s applications.

Kipling is a Canadian blockchain media and it has also invested in some projects. Amar(the head of Kipling), analyzed blockchain industry’s current situation from the media perspective.

He said that most blockchain projects are too focused on external image branding. In fact, there are very few teams that are really down-to-earth, and over-branding is not sustainable for the projects’ development. Now the whole industry tends to be rational, and there must be a capable team to stand out.

Michael thanked Kipling for its professional media attitude and stated that DALICHAIN has been focusing on blockchain technologies and commercial solutions. DALICHAIN is committed to providing the best commercial blockchain services. Moderate and true publicity is the value that DALICHAIN has always upheld.

Questflex is a Canadian startup company focusing on mobile applications, blockchain application, quantitative computing and cloud computing.

Alamusi(Questflex CEO) said that their current team is very experienced in blockchain application development and they have developed several DAPP on Ethereum and EOS. He also stated that they will try on more high-quality public chain in the future. After knowing about DALICHAIN, Questflex is looking forward to the future cooperation with DALICHAIN in the application layer.

Michael introduced that DALICHAIN mainly develops applications for enterprise at present, while applications for consumer are in the early stages. There will be more attempts when there are opportunities in the certain industry. He also revealed that DALICHAIN is preparing a brand new DAPP platform. After the platform is launched, DALICHAIN will invite global technology development communities and individual developers to jointly develop the blockchain application ecosystem.

7Gate Ventures is a Canadian technology investment organization focusing IT talent training and project investment in different fields such as blockchain, financial technology, health data, SaaS platform, cloud service, mobile application, big data analysis & solution and etc.

Mahroo(7Gate Ventures Project Director) said that, the number of blockchain projects in Canada are generally on the rise. Although the trend has declined in the past month, many companies and individuals are still willing to get involved. It is good for the whole industry.

Michael shared DALICHAIN’s global strategic layout and insights in blockchain empowering industries. He also said that DALICHAIN is willing to cooperate with various technology companies to develop more commercial applications. Only the diversified commercial applications can ensure the blockchain industry’s positive developments.

In 2019, DALICHAIN will move on globalization.

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EarthHour — What can Blockchain do?

On March 31, 2007, Sydney in Australia, for the first time that night about more than 2.2 million homes and businesses turn off the lights and appliances for one hour. Now the campaign has been identified as one of the world’s largest action on climate change, to become a global and sustainable development, now has ushered in the thirteenth year.

Nowadays people pay more attention on the earth environmental protection. More and more countries join in the environmental protection action.

In December 2015, the Paris Climate Change Conference worked out the Paris agreement, which laid out the arrangements for global action to combat climate change.

With high motivation to contribute, in December 2018 DALICHAIN joined the call-for-action with blockchain technology by establishing cooperative relationships with a number of environmental protection organization, which aiming to promote the global carbon emission. The unique token economy of blockchain can well encourage individuals to participate in emission reduction, improve the convenience for enterprises to purchase carbon, and avoid carbon asset “double sale” issue. In terms of infrastructure, DALICHAIN optimized the consensus mechanism at the beginning of the forming stage and innovatively proposed GPOW(Green Proof of Work). Through the mechanism of computing power limitation, GPOW avoided the centralization of computing power issue. And real-name digital certificate mechanism further help DALICHAIN become a unique green consensus mechanism.

The change of environment is closely related to our life and will affect our daily life. If everyone stays out of it, the consequences will be unimaginable. We believe that with the continuous maturity of blockchain technology, it will definitely play an important role in the environment protection in future.

We invite you to “Go Green” with us. Feel free leave your advice or comment here and you have a chance to get our DALI coin.


DALICHAIN’s ​​Supply Chain Finance Solutions Are Recognized by Korean Expert

Recently, DALICHAIN conducted an academic conversation on blockchain applications in supply chain finance with Professor Min Jung Ung (Inha University, Korea) in Seoul.

Prof. Min graduated from Stanford University with a Ph.D. in Logistics and is Inha University Business School professor. He is an authoritative expert in the Korean logistics & supply chain industry.

During the discussion, Prof. Min mentioned that the current supply chain ecosystem is more dependent on core enterprises to contribute credits or relying on guaranteed mortgages to obtain financial support. Data in the credit ecosystem are independent and un-trustable, easy to be tampered with and difficult to be tracked. So when fraudulent behaviors happen, it’s difficult for relevant regulators to use above data for due diligence and punishment.

Prof. Min said: IBM’s TradeLens project only uses blockchain to display logistics information, and DALICHAIN’s solution is relatively more efficient. Prof. Min prepares to test Manager Kim’s freight project. And they would combine it with blockchain in order to expand supply chain finance’s scale. However, they have not found an applicable blockchain business model before, and DALICHAIN’s supply chain finance solutions could positively be a successful case in this industry.

Livio (Founder, DALICHAIN) said: Blockchain can extend the subject credit to data credit. Credit rating is based on credit data, which are the accumulation of data and related qualifications on blockchain. Recorded data help to prove trusted and transparent businesses. The financial institutions can issue loans for each business transaction based on credit rating of data while meeting the corresponding risk control standards. In addition, blockchain’s unique advantages can achieve ecosystem’s sharing model innovation.

DALICHAIN introduced “supply chain finance + blockchain” successful cases in China and other implemented cases in areas like: trust, manufacturing, chemical supply chain, car-free carrier, vaccine process, public welfare and etc. DALICHAIN will continue to work with Prof. Min on how to implement the blockchain solution in Korean industry.


DALICHAIN ​​was invited to participate in the 5th Seoul Climate-Energy Conference

On November 16th, DALICHAIN ​​was invited to participate in the 5th Seoul Climate-Energy Conference hosted by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), titled with “Hothouse Earth? How to Mobilize the Change for Our Sustainable Future”. Global climate experts, scholars, universities, legislatures, and media have gathered together to propose specific programs for the government, enterprises, and the public to achieve sustainable development and struggle for the “climate and environmental era.”

Sung Chul Shin, President of KAIST, delivered a welcoming speech in the opening ceremony, “In the fourth era of industrial innovation, the goal of green growth and sustainable development is to promote cooperation, integration and social attention among countries to achieve new economic development.”

Hyoung Kwon Ko, Vice Minister of Economy and Finance of Republic of Korea, proceeded with the congratulatory remarks, “Although it is necessary to formulate specific plans for addressing climate change, it is difficult to achieve sustainable development only based on government efforts. Only with society members’ active participation such as industries and civic groups will climate change solutions and sustainable development be realized.”

At the meeting, Livio and Michael (DALICHAIN’s Founder and Co-Founder) ​​together with Tom Baumann (The Founder and Co-chair of Climate Chain Coalition), made in-depth exchanges on “blockchain + environmental protection” and discussed how to promote the applications of “blockchain + IoT” and big data to help enterprises and organizations conduct climate financing and improve MRV (measurement, reporting, verification).