2 06, 2020

“Digital Assets” Promising Again? Chinese Court Determined Digital Currency as Legal Asset

In the past ten years, digital currency has gradually known by the public while its influence has become wider and wider. In the development history of digital currency, supervision has always been a focused and necessary topic. In April this year, a local court in Shenzhen, China determined in a cryptocurrency theft case that Ethereum is legal property with economic value. Although Ethereum cannot be circulated as currency in China, it is a virtual property and its owner can manage [...]

28 05, 2020

DALICHAIN Monthly Report

Product & Technology Upgrade 1. BOS (Blockchain Online Shop) project design: Combined with the latest trend of blockchain development and the original intention of DALICHAIN’s commercial blockchain application, our team has designed a new BOS (Blockchain Online Shop) project. It obeys related regulation and compliance. It combines the traditional business with blockchain-based tokens, which can effectively serve various enterprises and introduce consumers into the future of digital assets; 2. Digital asset payment: DALI Pay is available! It provides the necessary technical guarantee [...]