5 06, 2019

DALICHAIN Reached A Strategic Cooperation with BW

On May 30, DALICHAIN(a Singapore Public Chain Project) and BW.com Asia Operation Center formally reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will cooperate in developing digital currency application scenarios, public chain technologies, and community management services to create a new digital currency life service entrance. Livio(DALICHAIN Founder), Davis(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) and Pony Chan(BW.com CEO) attended the signing ceremony. DALICHAIN Livio is very optimistic about the digital currency applications in the consumer market and said that, DALICHAIN has implemented solutions in various [...]

18 04, 2019

DALICHAIN Vancouver Meetup Moving on Globalization

DALICHAIN is an international blockchain team founded in June, 2017, by a group of nearly 80 blockchain believers from top IT companies such as Intel, IBM, and Baidu. DALICHAIN launched its main network in 2018 based on its own development team and combined it with the dual-Token economy system. DALICHAIN can provide flexible and diverse solutions based on its leading technology development and seasoned business transformation capability. DALICHAIN has implemented partnerships in logistics, digital copyright, supply chain finance, carbon emission [...]

2 04, 2019

Moving on Globalization — DALICHAIN in Canada

DALICHAIN Meetup in Vancouver, Canada. After the industry application seminar in early March, Michael(DALICHAIN Co-Founder) met with several local blockchain companies and industry experts, including media, academics, investment institutions and technology companies.After discussions, DALICHAIN’s solutions were recognized. The companies & experts expressed willingness to further cooperate with DALICHAIN and help DALICHAIN commercial layout. We will jointly explore the blockchain wonderland.Summary as follows:Prof. Weinberg is used to be the mayor of Anmore and the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Department Director at [...]